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I just ordered my new QSL card design online to have them professionally printed.

I ordered them through qslconcept. They have not arrived yet so I can’t give a strong opinion on the quality yet. I might do a follow up blog post with more information about how they turned out. I’ve only ordered 100 with the front side glossy and the back side matte.

I built my QSL card in Gimp & Adobe Acrobat using FOSS images from the Internet and using a QSL card generator by KB6EE at

The back was originally done in Adobe Acrobat.

Please note; that I love sending/receiving QSL cards! If you would like to QSL with me via a paper QSL card, please also QSL via LoTW or QRZ with me.

“Front” side of my QSL card:

front side of QSL card

“Back” side of my QSL card:

back side of QSL card


qslconcept reached out to me and they had to modify my layout because of the files I had sent them, and there were potential issues with bleeding and alignment. They sent me two proofs and this is the one I am going with:

“Front” side of QSL card proof:

front side of QSL card proof

“Back” side of QSL card proof:

back side of QSL card proof

Update #2 #

The QSL cards have arrived in the mail! They are super nice and really well printed. The print quality is top notch and the feel of the cardstock is amazing. I’ll definitely be ordering more.

73, K8VSY

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