Mastodon vs. Twitter?

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A few months ago I made the switch from Twitter to Mastodon for tweeting, or well, tooting.

This isn’t really a comparison of the features between Twitter and Mastodon, as there are plenty of articles across the web about the features of each.

Mostly this is an announcement that if you would like to find me on a microblogging platform, I’ll be on Mastodon.Radio.

Mastodon.Radio is a Mastodon instance for amateur (ham) radio! It has a great and welcoming community! I would highly recommend it for anyone who is looking for a microblogging platform that is interested in trying out Mastodon and is in the amateur radio community!

I will keep my Twitter page up for the time being but I won’t use it to tweet regularly anymore. I’ll keep a tweet pinned about finding me over on Mastodon.Radio.

My account page on Mastodon.Radio is:

Hope to see you there!

73, K8VSY

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