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Last night, I made my first JS8call contact!

I’m in a group chat with other amateur radio operators, and someone mentioned he wanted to attempt a JS8 contact on 40m.

Most of the digital modes I do are FT8 and FT4 with FT8 being a vast majority of the time.

He directed me to the JS8call website where there is a version for Linux, specifically Ubuntu! source

I promptly downloaded it, not knowing what I’m doing, and tuned my radio to 7.078 MHz USB.

Within moments of him stating he was calling my callsign I saw his message pop up!

He also confirmed my contact via QRZ too!

You can see the contact logged on my QRZ page at it is logged as 2022-01-17 04:04 UTC.

Thanks Bud!

73, K8VSY

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