My First Radiogram Received

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I received my radiogram on the Central Ohio Traffic Net, COTN, on 13 January, 2022.

I got a pad of radiograms, from ARRL, for traffic handling a few months ago to help produce a proper radiogram for a friend. We had received a radiogram during a contest as W8LT.

The traffic I received wasn’t directed to me but rather someone outside of Columbus who is near my quadrant of Columbus.

I was nervous receiving it, making every attempt to make sure I copied everything accurately.

After writing everything down, I counted the message length to verify it matched the Check, and it did!

Later the next day I called the phone number listed on the radiogram to deliver the message.

However, it was out of service. Bummer.

My next effort was to mail it to the address copied during the radiogram. Unfortunately, it was returned to me with “Mail Forwarding Service Ended; Return to Sender”. But, thankfully, the USPS put the forwarding address on the envelope. So, I sent it to the second address listed.

And, that’s where I’m currently at (as of 2022-01-25).

I haven’t received confirmation it was received, but I also haven’t had it returned to me.

My next step is to send a radiogram back to the person the message originated from with what all I attempted.

While not the easiest or most successful delivery of a radiogram, I am looking forward to receiving and sending more radiograms!

73, K8VSY

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