First International Radiogram

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On Monday, 31st January, 2022 I received my first international piece of traffic from Great Britain!

Someone stumbling across my blog ran across my post about, “My First Radiogram Received”, and sent me a radiogram about it!

Here is a picture of the radiogram:

First International Radiogram

It is probably not the cleanest and my hand writing isn’t the best, but I’m practicing on writing them as I receive them.

The body of the radiogram reads:

“Hi, I read your blog post on your first radiogram X Nice persistence in trying to ensure delivery X Well done and 73.”

The radiogram originated from G0DUB in Great Britain.

As of this writing (2022-02-01) I’m working on a reply to respond. As my response will be my first radiogram I send.

There is a member of W8LT and a frequent flyer of the Central Ohio Traffic Net, COTN, that has graciously offered to assist me in putting together my first radiogram. I’m super excited and nervous!

73, K8VSY

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